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Shell handbag in octagon shape 14.5cmx12cmx3cm made of chamber nautilus shell in cracking inlay with brass sheet design.

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Product Id: JPSE41792
Desc: MOP shell stretch bracelet 20x23mm

Product Id: JNL412D
Desc: Necklace 16" w/ 4-5 whiteclam heishi white, yellow, mango yellow & orange

Product Id: JPSW010
Desc: Coin Purse Fashion Jewelry , purely handcrafted and handmade from the finest shells

US$ 63.60
US$ 11.50
US$ 10.40

Product Id: JLU620
Desc: Lumbang kukui nut painted silver

Product Id: JMB63
Desc: Metal bangle w/ blacklip round 52mm inlay

Product Id: JER6172
Desc: Earings in 25mm blacklip round w/ skin

US$ 1.60
US$ 38.80
US$ 10.20

More Products

Product Id: JCD773F
Desc: Necklace in 1mm wax cord black, 8mm coco pukalet super bleach, 4-5mm coco pukalet black, meatl barrel w/ loop antq. silver & 19x54mm surfboard w/ painting pendant

Product Id: JJB141
Desc: Nacre Pillbox 68x49x35mm made of semi -precious wood with assorted seashells in dolphin design with black back ground

Product Id: HLRB68
Desc: 3 layers white Capiz chips 50mm diameter chips round design, 20 strand, 68 pcs. 50mm capiz chips, 11 inches base to bottom, head frame 8.5 inches diameter.

US$ 11.30
US$ 34.10
US$ 216.00

Product Id: JSH159
Desc: Necklace 18 inches in 2 mm wax cord brown , 12 mm wood beads bleach white, 8 mm coco pukalet natural brown, robles wood triangle 3 sides 23x50 mm and brown lip triangle inlay 25x42 mm and 28x58 mm.

Product Id: JPCP699A
Desc: Necklace 16 inches in 4-5 mm pukalet black and super bleach with white nasa shell.

Product Id: JCP14146A
Desc: Necklace 19 inches 5 rows in 10 mm coco disc center side drill yellow.

US$ 64.40
US$ 5.70
US$ 59.30